Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well got back from holiday on Monday and was out on the streets last night.

 It was all going very peacefully until Louise and I spotted some splashing near some boats in the harbour. We walked over and realised it was a guy!!! he was thrashing about and in a bit of trouble. I am not a strong swimmer but as we watched a really great spanish guy jumped in and pulled him to the edge and we helped drag him out. Whilst we all thanked the Spanish guy, the drugged up british guy that we had just pulled from the water jumped back in. I ran up and managed to drag him out but just as he was climbing out he slipped and fell back in.

This time it got worse, he was on ecstasy and enjoying the water but kept going under, we were shouting at him and trying to get him to come close. He then went under for what seemed like an age and at that point I thought we were about to see a guy drown. So although I am not a good swimmer I started to give my stuff to louise and was about to jump in when along came spanish guy again he leapt straight in. I will be honest and say I was relieved, he got him to the side I reached in under the water and pulled the guy up by his hair and then with the help of a scottish guy who was just passing by we dragged him fully out. We had to drag him up the side of the harbour but at that point we were more concerned that he didn't drown than the fact he suffered bad grazing from being dragged over rough concrete.

We held him this time, it was easy he was out of breath and just lay panting and bleeding on the floor. We called the police because someone needed to restrain this guy until the drugs wore off or he was going to drown. The police came, they were brilliant we waited with them until an ambulance came and then the guy was taken to hospital, to sleep off the effects of the drugs. It ended well.

I was disturbed, he could have drowned, the timing was great that we happened to be there, but more importantly that the strong swimming spanish guy happened to notice us!

I was also deeply impressed by how local spanish helped me on the phone, how the scottish guy stuck around, how the police where so patient, I think by the end of the incident about 12 people all contributed to the situation which eventually got him to safety.

Humans are good, humanity is beautiful and people generally look out for people.

It was good to be back

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