Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jesus Loves Essex

I am still amazed at how our Jesus loves Ibiza bibles are received. People love them not only the design but the accessibility of the Message Version.

We dropped a drunk guy the other night and his friend stayed up and watched over him to make sure he was ok. Whilst he sat watching over his drunk friend he read the bible our team had given him.

He saw the team last night and quoted the beatitudes to them, because that was what he had read and it had really stuck in his mind. Now I don't know about you but it always blows me away that someone on holiday could emerge from a messy situation of looking after his drunk friend on a lads drinking holiday and come away having learnt the beatitudes!!!

I would still love to see this kind of thing happen in the UK, I think the bible is a powerful book, the word of God we just have to develop a better delivery and presentation system.

I want to do a "Jesus Loves Essex" version, because it's so much in the media and not all the press is positive wouldn't is be good to pop something like that into the hands of essex people. We could distribute it at Lakeside, a large shopping mall in Essex.

I used to live in Essex, for my overseas readers who don't know much about it check out this link Essex also Essex. Essex is personified in a UK Tv programme called The Only Way is Essex , british Tv's answer to The Hills or Jersey Shores.

I spent 13 years of my life in Essex! It would be great to get the bibles.

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Carla said...

Yes yes yes! Essex /UK bibles would be amazing :)