Friday, September 02, 2011


I once heard someone say that we mustn't form "to close a relationship with our own opinions" I think I was more opinionated when I was younger, but then I think i still hold strong opinions.

So maybe I am not less opinionated just better at sharing my opinions. I think in the past I would try to be right and in being right I would try to make others wrong. There's nothing the matter with being right it's just how it comes across.

Although I have noticed that some christian leaders aren't so good at sharing their opinions these days, they are a little held back. I wonder if that is why Mark Driscoll does so well, he is pretty confident and vocal in the sharing of his opinions. I am not saying he is right but it's seems that some people are looking for leaders with strong opinions.

I guess it's ok to have opinions, probably just have to watch how you share them, and some opinions are better off just kept in your head.

I was preaching the other week and I said "don't follow a leader with a cause who never talks about Jesus" what I meant to say was "don't follow a christian leader with a cause who never mentions Jesus." There are loads of christians out there with opinions about all sorts of things but if you can't see Christ in their opinions I would worry.

I would say that a lot of middle class church opinion is more informed by The Daily Mail  than the Sermon on the Mount.

In general the teachings of Jesus are challenging, for instance how does our Lords phrase "I was a stranger and you invited me in" inform immigration policy?

We are more informed by the papers than the gospels our opinions are occasionally moulded by fear not by Christ.

Opinions are good to have however we need to filter them, we must look at our own opinions through a Christlike lens, apply some Corinthians 13  love to them and then see if they are still valid!

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Carla said...

I thoroughly agree - well put. A good friend once challenged me saying that opinion is our Golden Calf. Very thought provoking... x