Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Call

Two nights a week rather than walking the streets we are just on call. This involves sitting at home waiting for someone to call and then popping out and dealing with the situation. We do this so that the team get a break and don't burn out throughout the summer.

Tonight I am on call with Gillian, we have just been out I am back now but can't switch the phone off until 4.30am, I have about one hour left so my prayer is for peace on the streets, which in turns means a calm night for us.

We had a call about 90 minutes ago from the health centre in San Antonio, they call us quite a bit, it's always a challenge for my Spanish!!

Our first guy was a drunk chap from Glasgow, who had fallen over and needed 5 stitches. He was easy enough to deal with, just very hard to understand. We popped him home to his hotel.

We the went back to the health centre as they had another guy asleep waiting for us, we woke him up, clean a large quantity of red bull scented vomit off him and found out where his hotel was. Whilst we were doing this I got called in to another room to help with translation!!!!!

It was a young lady with gynaecological problems, these are not words that flow easy and you don't really learn them in spanish class. We muddled through, she got the right diagnosis and I learnt a few words that I will probably never have to use again, unless I have a sex change.

The health centre people are so lovely and we have a great relationship with them, I enjoy going there on call. Mainly because it's a controlled calm environment. If you deal with a drunk on the west end it can be noisy, people take photo's you always have some drunk who has done first aid trying to tell you your job. The health centre is a tranquil place to deal with drunks.

I then went back to red bull vomit man, we got him in the van and soon had him back at his hotel.

This blog took 10 minutes it's 3.35 just got to sit here for 55 more and pray, we normally pray for peace, we pray that friends would stick together, we pray for safety, we pray for a lack of violence and generally that people would have fun without endangering themselves.

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