Thursday, September 08, 2011


The police in San Antonio have a hard job, they are understaffed and have to put up with quite a lot of nonsense. Occasionally they are a little heavy handed, but we like them.

In the summer of 2005 when we first arrived on the island the police threatened to arrest us for giving out fruit on the streets.

Then of course there was the false charge 3 years ago of being an illegal taxi, which was just a case of misunderstanding and has since been resolved.

A few weeks ago we had a phone call from the police to come and help them, tim who was driving the van thought he was being flagged down and arrested when it turned out that he was actually being escorted by the police to help some drunk russian girl.

Then this week I was out with Anna, we were in the van when we got another call to go help the police. We found two police men standing over a man who was absolutely covered head to toe in vomit, he was with a friend but I can honestly say I have never seen someone so covered, he must have been rolling around in it. The police asked us to take him home so I got him up draped all over me and we popped him in the vomit van. The stench was close to unbearable.

What was fantastic was that I needed to turn the van around in the road to get him home and the police just stopped all the traffic so I could turn. It's a long way from 2005 when they were threatening to arrest us, to actually stopping the traffic on our behalf.

We got sick boy home, I was covered, it was on my face and my legs and everything in between. Messiest night this summer, but he got home safe, and we were just so blessed to be working with the police in helping a vulnerable guy home.


Steve said...

Think you guys will be head sheep in Matt 25 :)

Anonymous said...

everything written in this blog shows the fine progression that 24/7 have made over the years, and that the hard working guys and gals serve a vital role.

tom finlayson

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