Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kind words

I am not showing off or being proud just thought you would like to see some feedback from a few of the people we have helped this year. It's cool when people remember to say thank you.

Hi 24-7,
I was out in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago with some friends and drank too much. The last thing I can remember is downing some shots at a dark bar. I left my friends to walk back to my hotel which was about an hour away. I must have fallen asleep on a bench because the first thing I can remember is a couple of girls helping me to get some water and offering to give me a lift home. Stupidly I didn’t accept the lift and continued to walk the rest of the way with one flip-flop but I was really touched by their kindness and want to say that I really appreciated their gesture and that my wife gave me a royal roasting when I finally staggered in at 6am. Keep up the good work.

Hi 24- 7
I very much appreciated being helped I didn’t realise I was in a vulnerable state and thought i would never in my life be walked home ever lol , Thanks for spending so much time with me and walking me back to my hotel room. You guys really made a diffrence and made me think twice about taking substances which i stopped taking from after that night, thanks guys.

Hi 24-7 Ibiza

I got far to carried away on my first night out in Ibiza and got to a stage of drunkenness I never been before and don't fancy again. This is what I remember, I wandered out of a club and away from my mates and then was lying in a street being sick and falling asleep then two amazing people came from nowhere and started helping me next thing I'm in a car (vomit van!) then wake up on my bathroom floor. Thank you so so much for what you done that night hate to think what could of happened. I would love to know what I was like that night and how you found were I was staying as I didn’t have a clue at the time. Thank for all you done and keep up the good work:)

Hello 24-7!
I’d like to thank all at 24-7, particularly a group of individuals who helped me out on the west end
I was massively intoxicated as it was my holiday i thought hey! lets go nuts, unfortunately before I knew it i was on the ground bleeding heavily from the hand. Members from 247 literally picked me up, strapped me up and walked my back to my hotel – Dread to think where i would be without them as i lost my friends that night!
 You only really appreciate what these people do when you need them most! Keep it up!
Thanks again! X

Hi 24-7
We had a messy few weeks, one night my friend had a few too many and fell and smashed his head open. While I was calling the ambulance my bag was robbed and it was a horrible night!! You took care of my friend who fell and gave him water and bandages and brought him home safe, thank you so much you also gave him a 24-7 lighter which he treasured! I have seen you care for others throughout the duration of my stay too, wow you do an amazing job keep it up xxxx

Just want to say thankyou to your team who helped me get back to my hotel the first night i went out in ibiza. Brilliant service your running as so many people lose control in ibiza and its a great thing your doing.

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