Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We met Danny at the beginning of the summer, he would come into the centre and just hang out. The team became really great friends with Danny, who worked at a little shop just up the way from where we are based. They invited him for meals, took him on little photography trips around the island, listened to him, laughed with him and generally did what normal people do and became friends.

In September time Danny left Ibiza for the UK and then towards the end of September, he messaged me to ask if he could come out and help us for a month. We said yes, Danny stayed with some of our team and got involved in the street work and centre work.

He wanted to be somewhere were he belonged! Then somewhere over the last month whilst living with our community and working as part of our team, he believed!

Danny heads back to the UK today, but yesterday upon the confession of his faith we baptised Danny.

This is Danny coming up out of the water, there was joy in the house.

What a great thing to happen on the final week of our season here?

As you can see by the expression on my face moments like these make life here so worthwhile.

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rossi from bulgaria said...

Great photo Brian! Glad to see you so happy :)