Monday, October 03, 2011

God is following me!

I have talked on this blog before about how we pray during the summer that God would haunt people, that as we help people and pray with people it would start them on a journey of finding God.

On the back of this one of our two week team members sent me this encouragement from the UK it happened to her over this weekend:

"First night back on the streets as a street pastor since Ibiza and I met a guy in town...who Carolyn and I helped when we were in Ibiza!!! Thought I recognised him but not from Ibiza. He just happened to mention how he was in Ibiza and how two people helped his friend in a wheelchair and it all suddenly clicked! Both of us suddenly recognised each other! We helped his friend back in a wheel-chair to her room at their Hotel and gave him a Jesus Loves Ibiza Bible! The thing is he doesn't even come from our town-only God can plan things like that! In his own words he said 'God is following me!', 'I'm just mind blown', and how it was 'the highlight of his night'. Certainly no co-incidence! I'm just floored, only our God can do things like that- He's so awesome!"

This reminded me of something from a book by Vincent Donovan called Christianity Rediscovered about his time working with the Masai in Africa. 

A Masai elder comments that his people tried to approach God as if they were lions stalking their prey, but after coming to faith they realised they were not the ones doing the stalking.

He writes:  "We have not searched for Him. He has searched for us. He has searched us out and found us. All the time we think we are the lion. In the end, the Lion is God."

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