Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Book writing

I have just got back from a very hectic week out and and about in the Uk and Ireland.

Getting ready to return to the UK for Christmas on Saturday which should be fun, I am speaking at our old church DC3 on Sunday and then we are at the carol service in the evening. It's hard to feel Christmassy here it's cold but not icy, sort of jeans and jumpers weather.

One of the reasons for lack of blogging is that Tracy and I are writing a book about our last 7 years here in Ibiza. I know it is something I have talked about from time to time but now seems like the right time. It feels like a giant debrief from. This blog has proved very helpful in gathering coherent chronological information from our time here.

Sometimes I want to preach from the chapters but I think the best way is to let the story speak for itself and allow people to take what they want from it.

Some potential chapter titles:

Gay Man Dancing
Vomit Van
Prostitutes and Roses
Can Strippers Use this Place?
Sorry to interrupt your meeting!

I am struggling to think of an actual title? Maybe we should just call it Curious in Ibiza?

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