Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Another year draws to an end and I feel it has been a good one. I am very excited about the next year, excited for new beginnings, excited to be handing this work in Ibiza on, excited about returning to the UK.

We have been in England for 2 weeks now and are looking at it with a view to living here.

One thing for certain that we will miss about Ibiza is the light, it's not so much the temperature that we will miss more the very bright clear days. There is a lot of grey in the UK!

Really want to say thank you for following this blog, it will continue throughout 2012 and hopefully you will follow our journey back to the UK and stand with us as we see what is next!

Peace, love and a happy 2012 to you all.


Andrew said...

Hi Brian
Thank you for writing what you have over the last year. I have never been to Ibiza but I have been so encouraged and inspired by the way you have honestly chronicled your experiences and reflections. Reading this blog has been a source of great inspiration, thank you.
God bless, Andrew

Martin Scott said...

You blogs have always been very insightful, looking forward to reading how the future unfolds. Your passion and focus are an inspiration.