Monday, March 05, 2012

We still pray

We have had Scott Bower and Chris Stone out with us for a couple of days filming for the Lent prayer spaces podcasts. It's been great fun but very tiring as we also did a series of podcasts on prayer and mission which will be released in June.

In the middle of all this Charlie and Abby have finally arrived which is so cool.

On Thursday we were in the street filming when we got into a conversation with a guy. He was english speaking and going through a bit of stress, and worried about a member of his family. He is also probably an alcoholic, it was weird because we were out filming about prayer and mission, breathing in and breathing out and how that prayer can't stay in the prayer room.

So we had a wonderful opportunity to pray with him, it reminded me of the summer and how we get to pray with so many people. I also had a pang of sadness as I realised I wouldn't be doing this in Ibiza much longer, but the good news is I can still do it in the UK. Prayer is prayer and we can do it anywhere.

Anyway you should check out the lent series of daily podcasts here on 24-7 prayers You Tube channel.

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