Tuesday, February 21, 2012

book writing

Ok there is a reason for the lack of blogging. All my writing energy has been put into writing about our experiences here over the last 7 years.

It is like writing a giant debrief form!

We are well into 12 chapters, got the bones together now we need to flesh it out. It's cathartic but also challenging.

We think we will call it "Curious in Ibiza" could work but will need a strap line. Something like "A journey into expressing the life and mission of Jesus in Ibiza" I'm not too fixed on that, we'll see what develops.

At the minute our mantra is "just write the stories", the other stuff will become clear.

Its also interesting writing with my wife, her grammar is much better than mine.

My favourite chapter title so far is "Gay man dancing" followed by "Jesus and sex god" or "prostitutes and roses"

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Anonymous said...

strap line: "a missional journey with Jesus on the streets" - keep it simple.