Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Vomit Van Driver needed!

I know thats not the sexiest of requests I have put up on my blog, but we have a little problem around drivers of the vomit van from about 20th August through until the end of September.

We could really do with someone who is 25 plus to come and volunteer for 6 weeks who would be willing to do a bit of driving. Confident and comfortable with using a manual left hand drive people carrier! That doesn't mean you have to have driven one before you just need to be up for it!

It can be a little messy and a little hectic, you will be up from 12 - 5 in the morning about 3 nights a week, you'll need to do a few airport runs collecting and dropping off our team members and we would also love you to get involved in the other aspects of the work, but at this point if all you could do was driving we would be happy with that!

Calm under pressure, not too worried about messiness, able to focus,  you need to be a christian and you would need to raise your own support for being here for 6 weeks! If you could do longer we would be happy to have you for 3 weeks in October but this is not as essential!

I know it's a big ask but we really need your help, I can give you more info if you are up for it. Remember you really do need to be over 25.

Speak to me, leave a comment with your email I won't publish it. Or if you know my email just send me one.

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