Monday, May 14, 2012

Totes Emosh

I must admit I had never heard this phrase before, until Kez who is out here serving the work for a few months said it in the car the other night. It has it's origins in Essex two x-factor contestants used it, although Kez is not from Essex! Anyway I looked it up, it's a phrase when someone or something is very emotional.

Now from time to time I can be a little emotional but I am starting to feel a little stronger with regards going back to the UK. But last night we had our first summer service and we had 4 prostitutes in attendance it was so lovely to see them, I find myself more emotional about these girls and their plight than I do about my temporary discomfort around change.

We also had a guy turn up last night who used to be an usher at his church in Nigeria, he asked if he could be our usher. I think they come early, tidy up and set up we said obviously said "Yes".

It's weird I always thought emerging missional communities would somehow look different perhaps be a little trendier, I am not sure what I expected but I didn't expect that we would be having an usher!

But then isn't that the essence of missional?

I don't really care what we look like or what people want to do as long as we are reaching out.

Anyway last night was a great first night, Kez led worship for the first time, I gave a little talk, we got to pray with some people and the summer has started to take shape.

Now I might get totes emosh when I have to leave all of that!

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