Monday, November 19, 2012


I took this shot at a graveyard yesterday, it was a really simple cross with the word peace inscribed on it.

I find peace in the cross, the redemptive work of Christ has brought me peace. Although right now my inner self has felt turmoil, at a deeper level I do know peace. Many years ago I was in a prison cell and felt tremendous unease and just couldn't sleep. I remember praying and asking God for peace and at that moment I felt peace. It permeated through the prison walls and made it's way into my heart, I slept like a baby. My circumstances didn't change but peace helped me deal with the the internal disruption and it's that same peace I feel today.

Sometimes we can't change our situation we just have to learn how to 'Be' in the situation. It may not pass quickly but we do have a hope, a hope that He will remain with us in the storm.

Peace to you.

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