Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Questions for God TV

What would a world without God TV look like?

This is an occasional personal hobby horse of mine, one I find hard to let go. Yet it is a difficult one to address without cynicism or appearing harsh but somehow I feel just ignoring it, which is what most of us do, may somehow mean that our silence brings validation.

1. Who is really watching it?

I know they say they have the broadcast capabilities into literally millions of homes but there is a difference from who is able to watch it and who is actually watching it. Yet when they give their big fund raising push they always mention the potential figure rather than the actual figure.

2. Why are people watching it?

I would imagine in countries that are closed to christianity it could be a good tool. If it is to closed countries why aren't there more arabic programmes? In christian countries, why would you watch it unless you couldn't get to church or church couldn't get to you? Even then is this what you really want to watch? A variety of people american accents asking for more cash and proclaiming a specific type of healing ministry!

3. Who decides the content?

It would appear to me that the content is poorly regulated, if regulated at all. There are a whole range of theologies on show, some good, some bad, but maybe thats a reflection of church in general.

4. Can TV really spread the gospel?

Personally when I read my bible I am convinced that the spread of the gospel happened when God made himself incarnate and dwelt amongst man. Or when the church moved into the neighbourhood and became his hands and feet here on the earth. I would be just as wary when it came to internet church, or discipleship via the web. It lacks the human touch, and God is all about the human touch.

5. Is it being conformed to culture or changing culture?

Doesn't it just create it's own celebrities, build up super stars and show us the lifestyles of rich and famous Christians. Doesn't feel very like Romans 12 to me, feels like it does conform to the pattern of this world.

6. If your church disappeared tomorrow would your community miss it?

If God TV disappeared tomorrow would your community miss it? Not your home group but the community that God has placed you in? The geographical location or people group you find yourself situated in, the group of people you are called to shine amongst! Would they miss God TV?

7. Does any of what you are doing relate to a younger generation?

Old men in suits, or middle aged men trying to look young, note I said men!

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Mister Spence said...

Nice article, Brian. I don't think this comes from cynicism at all. Just wisdom. Or even common sense.

You should try TBN, though. They've got a woman. She's got a huge pink wig and sits on a gold throne.


And let's not forget big Joyce.