Friday, March 10, 2006


Ibiza Airport

Just going on a little jaunt to Belfast by the time I get home I will have been to 5 separate airports, Ibiza, Madrid, Luton, Belfast and Barcelona.

Ibiza airport is cool, I love it here you can set your alarm for 5.45am get up and be on a flight at 7.30am which is all good. A small but tidy airport always a bit closed down at this time of year so no big duty free shop to mince about in. I saw four people from the local Pentecostal Spanish speaking church. The two men where getting the vodkas in at 6.30am!! they looked a little uncomfortable to see me, I don’t know why it’s hardly like I look judgemental. Although I do find it odd that anyone would want to be drinking vodka at that time in the morning, it wasn’t even mixed with orange juice so they could pretend it was healthy! Maybe it was because they thought I might turn super-grass. Anyway why should adults feel guilty about what they choose to do and when they choose to do it? Although I must admit I can occasionally feel the same if someone unexpected bumps into me and I am smoking a cigar, it’s an almost school-boyish reaction. Maybe if we are uncomfortable with getting “caught” we shouldn’t do it. Or maybe we have some religious hang-ups that mean our faith is still a lot about appearances. I am not saying all things are permissible just interested in exploring freedom. My faith at times can rely on external appearances, imagine if someone you didn’t expect accidentally tripped inside your mind at an inappropriate time, how would I feel then. Getting caught drinking vodka or having a cigar is one thing having your thoughts revealed would be a whole different mind game!!!

Anyway I like Ibiza airport, it’s clean, comfortable, spacious and a smoke free airport so no cigars here. Maybe the guys where just nervous flyers.

By the way I have just written this in Luton airport definetly not as nice as Ibiza, sorry Luton! Madrid was better but a bit to big..


Anonymous said...

Yer, people who drink neat vodka before flying are almost as bad as people who sink several scotch's prior to flying...! Not to mention several chat's with wierd people returning from thailand. Oh an there's always the wine, brandy and Bailey's in flight!!

So there you have it Mr H, Schipol is clearly the best airport in the world!

Anonymous said...

You need to read my painting and beer posting Dan!