Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The man on the right in the purple is the Bishop of Europe! he's in our prayer room, he prayed there today. Bob is on the left, he is the Anglican vicar of Ibiza. A good friend and fantastic support to us and all we do. It's great to know we are not alone.

And to think I missed it all.

Although I did get some Timberland Boots today for $30, amazing, more shoes........ who needs to hang out with the Bish when you can go shoe shopping instead.

flying home in 12 hours time


Kirk Bartha said...

the bish with some serious bling :)

lisa said...

bish has bling and brian has shoes :-) brian, our heather has a serious fondness for shoes and has had since she was tiny. she used to cry if i took her shoes off at bedtime so i would let her fall asleep with her beloved shoes on and then sneak back in to take them off later. you don't take it that far do you?

dave wiggins said...

i like his necklace

resa said...

europe has a bishop???

(and we don't live in finland)
sweden, brian. stockholm's in sweden.