Thursday, April 26, 2007

Electronic community?

I have never been a great believer in electronic community. I don’t go a great deal on electric evangelism especially the tele-visual kind1 I kind of like the incarnational approach, which is God in the flesh, not through a screen.

I feel the same about community, you need to experience it the flesh.

However I am starting to believe in cyber communities, groups of people who have something in common, we are linked or connected on blog rolls, through comments and through the joy of reading each other’s blogs.

I think you can get to know people a little through blogging and I like that.

It feels like a safe place to debate and discuss, laugh and disagree!

It opens you up to worlds, people and thinking you wouldn’t normally experience.

There’s more fascination and curiosity in blogging than there is ego, you can soon spot an egotistical site and you just don’t go back. The blogs I read and link to are there because I believe they are people trying hard to be honest, real and inquisitive. I like that.

I think it’s funny what people do comment on, you can pour your heart out go real deep or be profoundly spiritual and no one says anything. You can put a post up about one day wanting to own a pair of crocodile skin cowboy boots and you get 12 comments.

On Phil Togwells and Lucy's blog there are a couple of posts about comments and whether in today’s consumer culture a person who doesn’t leave a comment is just consuming someone’s blog. But that seems a little insecure to me, not Phil and Lucy but people who stress about no comments and then worry that lives are being consumed in blogging. If your worried about it don't put your life on show by blogging!!!. Also if you put up a blog post about comments you get more!

I genuinely feel I have gotten to know a few people through blogging. I think more people should do it; church leaders should do it so that their people can keep in touch.

Blogging is also cool if you are nosy and the sort of person who would have read your sisters diary when she was out of the room………..


Rupert Ward said...

I tend to agree with you Brian ... i have found some really good interaction on the blogosphere, some great learning, some real care and concern for others. I don't think it replaces real flesh community, but it still has a place.

I think time is one issue on the comments bit. I do try to comment on other blogs, and reply to each comment individually to everyone who leaves a comment on my blog ... where to get the time?

But I also don't want to fire off of a comment and then never return - don't think that is that good either ... it doesn't promote conversation which i think is the real potential for blogging.

I never had a sister to read her diary ... maybe that explains a lot ...

Anonymous said...

My younger brother and my cousin broke into my diary (it had a lock on it!) when I was 11. I was in love with this cousin at the time so it was juicy reading... Is it wrong that I still haven't forgiven him??


Lucie said...

I am an absolute diary-reader when I'm being naughty...maybe that's why i felt particularly challenged to make friends with people whose blogs I'm reading :)

PS - have you had any money for bibles yet?

Youth@CFC said...

Oh my! I never really thought about it like reading someone's diary before. But i guess its on the big worldwide web so bloggers have already an awareness that its open season on who reads what they write.

Now and again we read posts about bloggers concerns. Natural and understandable and I really think that as a blogger you need to guard how personal you get. The more personal you get the more people think its their right to add personal comments. Not to say openess and honesty are wrong. Guard the old heart though.

The reality is that lots of folk read but don't post. I am generally one of them, but this is challenging me slighty so I will continue.

The blogs I read are of people I know and are people I want to support. I have read pretty much most of the entries on this blog and have rarely commented. I comment in my head!! I guess I have a bit of a phobia of posting my views. I feel bloggers are pretty brave souls, especially when they get set upon by commenters for something they have said!! I have been challenged to jump in the deep end and blog myself but the jury's still out on that one!

For now, if you don't mind I will read, think, be inspired and pray. (and maybe try to comment a little more so you know I am out here)!!

Oh and Brian thanks for blogging the way you do. Always food for thought.


Mel Reynolds said...

Oh yes. I used to read all my big brothers journals/letters to and from people and I'm not ashamed of it because he rooted through mine once and told my mum I had been smoking! I held information I read over his head sometimes. It sounds harsh, but it's brothers and sisters. He doesn't have a blog these days...maybe I scarred him for life.

It is funny isn't it - the whole cyber community thing. Dave and I often have chats about blogs we read in the day and laugh about what people have posted. You are always a part of that conversation and we've never met. In fact, Dave and I were contemplating coming over to Ibiza as part of our long as we are provided with some of these freebies you're handing out?...(too far?)

dave wiggins said...

i'll not be using those freebees thanks!! maybe the lighter

Karen said...

Hee--good thing you had no sisters--eh? My mom read my journal once (or more). BIG MISTAKE FOR HER!!!

Anyway, I'm one of those who likes to put it ALL out there... usually just for good humor. I actually posted a picture of the inside of my frig and freezer to prove that my husband and I truly are NOT STARVING my two teenage boys as they have so claimed. I could care less if people think that's being too open (haha).

Anyway, there are a lot of ppl who read my blog and never comment i.e. my husband, my parents. It's been fun getting to know ppl that I would never have "met" if not through blogging. I think its great! And thought provoking as well.

Tanya Heasley said...

I was speaking to John yesterday about virtual friends. At what stage do fellow bloggers become virtual friends and are they like friends in the flesh? People there to support and care for us.

I kept a diary when I was younger and I always hoped that someone would read it (which was impossible because my diary had a lock) and answer my questions or comment on my thoughts. Now with bloggin I have just that. I don't expect comments (which is a fib because I think that's the point in bloggin) but what I write is for me and might not be relevent to anyone, but with blogging there is no lock and it's open for all to read.

J-Mac said...

I find that a tad strange. Why do you want people to read stuff that is only relevant to you? Why do I do this?

I'm finding the blogging/commenting concept a bit weird.

I think its great when people write funny stuff or their thoughts on certain issues.
I don't really get the personal blogs and friends/partners/husbands/wives commenting on eachothers blog even though they see eachother in the flesh everyday. Why not just tell them you love them or send a text? Why do we want everyone else to see? Maybe I'm not getting something.