Friday, April 27, 2007

No email

For the last 24 hours my email hasn't been working and Steve who normally sorts this kind of thing is away in England, so if you have tried to email it won't have got through. My alternate email address is that works!!! but no-one uses it.

I hate not having email, I get quite a lot everyday and it makes me feel connected to the world beyond these shores! just like this blog.

Please check out Paul Buff's blog he is a man on a mission to raise money for our bibles!!! I love this blog thing so supportive, if your a UK person go over there and arrange with him to take some of your money. He's put his mobile on his blog! I think......

I saw the very thing I talked about yesterday on Mel Reynolds blog, she had a lovely post on "critical or discerning" and then another one on what songs to play at her wedding, the first post zero comments the second post over 30! Do you think that's because blogs are social things?

I haven't commented all week on the death of Alain Emersons wife Lynsey, I have felt unable to say anything. I feel for him and have been praying loads for the whole situation it's desperately sad, beyond words. I look on Alans blog and am overawed by the comments people have left, blogs once again giving people an outlet for support.

If your the praying kind, please go to Alains blog read it and just pray for him. You know it's all hard, every bit of bereavement and loss, but often after a funeral and when things are sorted practically, it can hit you harder. There tend to be less people about. I am probably talking to the converted, but keep him in your prayers.


Carlos said...

hmmm... I sent u an email...required a 12 hour response for a large amount of tacos and condoms.

Ivonne said...

Pants! Now that I had finally got around to send you and e-mail you didn't get it?!?! Grrrr!!! I shall try again! (",)