Sunday, May 06, 2007


The sun is shining and we have the community meal in a few minutes. I love Sundays there will be 10 of us for lunch then we gather in the evening for a spiritual time.

I want to look at values, been challenged by Matthew 6 about storing up treasures in heaven. Treasures are the things we value. I once heard someone say "We value what we do and do what we value".

There are a set of boiler room values but I am not to sure about setting values centrally. Each 24-7 community will have it's own distinct set of values, values I believe they have to arrive at together, or else they just be come "perceived values" instead of "actual values". A perceived value is one we know we should have but don't actually have it or live it. An actual value is part of us, we do it, we live it.

It's like the politician who talks about family values but is actually to busy to spend any time with his own family, he has a perceived value not an actual value.

Or the person who believes in generosity but never gives anything away, it's perceived not actual.

What are heavenly treasures? Honesty, Rest, Kindness, Hospitality, Generosity, Love, Grace, Worship, Forgiveness, Mission, Prayer, Justice, Compassion, etc...

I think we will spend the next few weeks looking at Jesus and what He valued...

The photo is of Ellis and me, he's had a bad week, with Man UTD going out of Europe, we just hope Arsenal beat Chelsea today, then his life will be a little happier.


Anonymous said...

Watch out!! Behind you !!

Anonymous said...

Good picture if you're trying to recruit for your team this summer! :-)


ellis said...

i am happyer now. UNTIED ARE THE CHAMPS 4VER! Now we need the FA cup and liverpool should win the champo league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
good luck daddy,
Youre gonna need it against Kaka- spanish for poo