Thursday, May 24, 2007

I don’t know if I should keep writing about our nights out, it could make this blog a little repetitive and boring.

Last night we went out and as team had a number of great conversations, prayed with a few people and generally made our presence felt in the westend.

One thing we noticed is that the workers are so kind to us, one offered us free bottles of water from his bar and another let one our team use the staff toilets in his bar because he didn’t think their customer toilets were clean enough. Simple acts of kindness.

I was walking with Rachel chatting to a few workers at about 3am, when we found a guy asleep on a bench with a few people around him; he was covered in puke and lying on his back. He was with his mate they had just arrived that day and been out for a drink and then popped 3 pills (Ecstasy tablets) each.

We went and got him some water, dehydration is a killer, and our car so we could run him back to his hotel. By this time he was able to stand and look about etc. He took for ever to move we got him and his mate into the back of my car, I had puke all up my arm but you just have to get on with it. We then got him back to his hotel it took us 10 minutes just to get him out of the car; we then left him there with his mate. I am going to pop round later and just make sure they are okay. They seemed fine when we left them.

I got home at about 4.15am had to have a wash but the smell just wouldn’t go away. So I covered myself in after-shave and went to bed smelling of Tommy Hilfiger's “True Star” which is a much nicer smell than puke. Got up this morning smelling real good and thinking,
"we really need to get a better vehicle for taking people home in."

If you didn’t know, I have an 11 year old Audi A4 TDI, it’s a nice car but has really bad leg room in the back and is just a small saloon. Once you pour a drunk in it’s hard to get them out again. Over the last year I have had loads of people promise to help with a vehicle but nothing has ever come of it, Yet right at the beginning of this summer I am feeling that last night was a sign that we need a better vehicle.

I have one in mind; this is the type of vehicle that will work best for us. The back seats turn nicely in and you have a big bit of floor space to pop a drunk into, it also has a sliding door, good aircon and is narrow for tiny streets!

It’s a TOYOTA Estima 2.2 Turbo Diesel
X Auto, 97, P reg. 75000 Miles, (new shape) facelift model, 8 seater with swivel and folding seats, multiple 12v points, air con front and rear, abs, c/locking, immaculate and original 75,000 warranted miles, full cambelt service, MoT and 6 months Tax. £4,250.

Now I might not get this specific one but this is the model we want. Obviously I then need to get it from England to Ibiza, because we are such a small island the prices of cars are very high. It would cost about £700 to get it here, then it needs insuring which would be at least another £600, these are all approximate prices. I think we are looking at maybe £5000 - £6000 in total.

Do you think I should go for it through the blog? Changes the computers and bibles button for a vehicle button? Could I be in danger of over stepping my reader loyalty?


Eric St.Clair said...

Keep on asking!

Anonymous said...

i was always told there is no harm in asking.

tim said...

if you need someone to pick it up and drive it over, i'd gladly help!!! :0)

i'm up for a road trip!

i'll work on getting some cash too.

Karen said...

I want to know these things, both the stories about what's happening and the needs you have for the outreach, that my husband and I might be able to help in some way. So keep the information coming.

Mimo said...

Yep, it's great to read about this stuff! Makes us feel connected. And it's your blog, readership clicks on it out of free will, if they do! Just let us know! :)

Anonymous said...

I think you should continue to ask.
Most people are realistic and will give if they can.
I have just made a small donation myself (don't know you, never read your blog before) but what you are doing is important and necessary. I am for adding a link to your site from my blog. Hope it helps (not sure if I actually have any readers!).

I am not adding my name as I believe donations shouldn't be publicised.

Brian Heasley said...

thank you so much really appreciate your donation, you're the first but lets hope not the last. Don't worry I will keep all the donations private.

Anonymous said...

Go for it Brian. I imagine a lot of people who read your blog would be very happy to contribute to a vehicle. Nothing ventured nothing gained!

I love hearing about your work. My son is 20 and into all the stuff you are describing. He has not been to Ibiza yet, but one of these days he could well be the one you are helping home after a night out. He is the one I see in my mind as you describe the young people you touch on the island.
... Thank you for doing what you are doing: loving in the most practical way imaginable. I pray for protection on you, your family and your team.


Anonymous said...

can't believe you did that. we're incredibly offended here in mexico.

ha! just kidding, of course. we hope and pray you get the vehicle you need, brian! He's a good Father, and knows all of our needs.

we believe in you guys and are praying for you!

kelly & jo

Phil Evans said...

Brian; you channlled your energy into Stevie G, but in fact you should have channeled it into Rafa. He was the one who played Stevie out of position. Oh Well. Next season... Phil

Jenelle said...

You should definitely keep telling people your needs. I think it's excellent that strangers and friends can pop in and click a button and pooof, God will hook you up with a diesel mini-van.

If He can do condoms and Bibles...