Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I found out yesterday that I had accidentally got the bibles sent to our old house in England! So I have to sort that one out, but at least I know where they are, half way here. In the end it was good that they didn’t arrive yesterday as Steve the DJ on our team has given us 300 CD’s to put in them that will take a few days to get here, which just makes the whole thing look superb. Timing is everything with these things.

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I know the other day I talked about planning, something which I am not against. I am just against planning God out and assuming that the Wild Spirit can be boxed in. John 3: 8 The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.

We planned these welcome packs, we planned for this room but the Wild Spirit has been blowing us about on the journey.

Does anyone else long for wildness? Sometimes I think I do, other times I think predictability would be nice, but then I snap out of that way of thinking.

Make plans but be open for God to change them, In Genesis 22 Abraham was very well planned when he took Isaac up the mountain to sacrifice him to God, but God stepped in. It was more about obedience and faith than anything else.

I want to obey and have the faith to act on the things I feel He is directing me to do, but I also need the humility and ability to keep hearing when ever He steps in and changes the plan.

I think the last thing God wants is autopilot Christianity. It’s an easy trap to fall into; sit back put your life in auto pilot, read the bible, pray, worship, go to church, get involved in doing a few God things and then just cruise. We all do it from time to time. During these time with autopilot on we often hit turbulence, we have to grab the controls, our lives feel bumpy, unpredictable and slightly uncomfortable we get worried about crashing, we don’t understand it (after all we were doing everything right!) I feel that when we hit this current, it is often the Wild Holy Spirit creating the turbulence in our lives so that we disengage the autopilot and get back into a life of relying on Him.

It's hard but i want to live my life with the auto pilot disengaged.


J-Mac said...

Love that verse from John....the thought of not asking God to bless what we're doing but instead to find what he's doing and get on board, cos it's already blessed (I think you might have said that in our church one time!?), to set our sails and go with the wind.

Carla said...

Yeah! Bring on that wildness! It shakes us up, turns us about and checks our focus... love it xc

Steve said...

I like how you took the attention away from the bible incident by getting all spiritual.