Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We are open!

Well I am sitting here in our little internet room, there are two guys in using the computers which is fantastic, we've been open exactly one hour!

It really is such a cool place to be, we managed to get the aircon fixed yesterday and the water cooler came 45 minutes before we opened and Ben turned up with the sandwich board with 15 to go. Lastminute.com, but not stressy. Tracy even had time to dust.

In the words of Winston Churchill. "This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, but this is the end of the beginning" Thats how it feels.

I sit here full of dreams; that one day this place will grow, we will have to move to some premises here in the west end, that offers coffee, has pool tables and games consoles, a counselling room, DJ classes and the most chilled out prayer room in the Med!

That we willl be a vibrant growing international community who bring the love of Jesus to the lost and see growth of the kingdom here on this beautiful island all year round.

One day I feel we will have a retreat centre in the hills a place of healing, creativity and reflection.

Soon we would love to run a 9 month training course. You start in January get trained for 3 months then infiltrate the island for 6! Learning whilst living, not bubble world training, but training on how to be in this place, which will stick with you forever and can be applied in an everyday context.

These are my dreams, dreams can come true, timing, perseverance and patience are everything. Today I sit in a room that has been the dream of so many for so long that I truly believe "all things are possible to those who believe"\ Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.

It doesn't always feel like that but today it does, I'm going to embrace my dreams and live for them.

In the words of Maxi Jazz, "You don't need eyes to see you need vision" and the power of vision lies in the ability to imagine and alternative reality.

Thats what I am doing for here, imagining an alternative reality and believing that one day it will happen.



Rupert Ward said...

Brian - brilliant stuff. Totally chuffed for you, the way you have responded to God, listened, prayed, dreamt, and gone for it. I don't mean this in any derrogatory way ... but you are an ordinary bloke, doing something radical, different and inspiring ... and as such a model for other ordinary people to do other radical things! Not everyone can lead a church of thousands, but we can all love people, get involved in with people who live in the "valley", and bring hope. Come ON!

Mark (the Guern) said...

Come On, Come on! Dream On: Great vision. We feel excited with you.

Praying that all that - and more -will happen - and that the coffee served is fair trade (and that I get a chance to serve some!).

Phil said...

Hey Brian, the vision and passion is affecting people as far away as litle old Norwich!

Keep going for it! and looking after each other.

Phil from Oak Grove

Mimo said...

Yessssssss!!! :-D

Sounds awesome! We stand by you in these dreams! GREAT talking to ya, was so inspired! (even tho stupid connection) I'm all like hey Jesus, what shall we do together..Go and pray in Ibiza at some point? =)

dave wiggins said...

Brian, i know you're just doing what God asks of you but you and your family are an inspiration and encouragement for a lot of us (and not in an arse licky kind of way.) You'll have a great summer. Well done and keep er lit.

eric St.Clair said...

I love it! Great post!