Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sex on the beach

We prayed a lot last night when we where out and about, God really seemed to direct us. Tim and Ben were really busy, Dawn and I had a much quiter time but we try to look at these evenings as a whole team effort. Sometimes it can be frustrating when team members come back with loads off great stories and all you have done is walk about and pray. Perhaps that is a little to do with our results driven culture, just got to remember it all counts. Sowing seeds with deeds, words and prayer are all important.

The van was used for the first time last night, we stood in the middle of a crowd and prayed that God woul!d lead us, after we finished praying a woman appeared who had fallen and cut her head. It wasn't a bad cut and she wasn't drunk but she needed to go and get it looked at. So we took her and friend to the medical centre, Dawn one of our team sat in the back with them and had a lovely chat, it felt good.

Earlier Dawn and I had witnessed a drugs deal taking place so we just sat and looked at these 6 dealers who work as a little crew and prayed that God would put a stop to this kind of thing. Half an hour later 2 other members of our team saw them all getting arrested!

We talked with a few people and just walked around, we then witnessed a couple having sex on a public beach. It was disturbing, but also a reminder of why the condoms are important.

Ben and Tim took prayer request from about 8 people on the street had some great chats. They then invited a load of workers to the beach who we can now take out in our van! It's already proving to be a great help.

We then went and prayed in a few clubs, which was great fun.

The images we see are quite graphic, I am thinking about how we debrief from our nights out, you've got to put some systems in place that help you cope with all that you see.


dave wiggins said...

Hi Brian, thanks for the book, i'll buy you a pair of swimming trunks in return. Sounds like a mad night last night.

tim said...

i remember Maggie Ellis talking about what her and her staff do at the end of the day. They have a rock that they pick up and hold, and symbolically let go and give to God all that they have dealt with that day. Maybe you need to find some kind of ritual or tradition that the team do at the end of each night to give "stuff" to God and to "end well". Not so that you become disengaged and distant from what you've seen and been a part of, but so that you can play your part effectively and not be over burdened with the responsibility.

love to you all

Pastor Phil said...

Wild stories - great adventures - grace on you bro.

Linda said...

Tim's suggestion sounds really good. I think i should do that at the end of each day as well!