Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We went to watch the sunset tonight down by a beautiful beach. There were two photo shoots happening for magazines etc.. one topless the other just a bikini shoot, they go there because the setting sunlight is so good.. We kept the boys at a discreet distance.

The sunset was more beautiful than the models.

There were a couple of people practicing meditation and doing a little Tai chi thing to the sun. What a wierd world.

Sitting chatting with Alain we talked about Genesis and how that God created light before He created the sun. I was just struck by the sheer beauty of the sun slowly sinking into the sea, with all sorts of people using it for various things and the fact that God is bigger and more beautiful than the sun. That his mystery is beyond us, unexplainable, he created light before the sun, a true father of lights.

I would rather worship the creator of the lights source than the light itself.


lisa said...

Brian, have you ever heard the very old Brian Doerksen song "Creation Calls" ? It's so nice. Talks of how amazing and gorgeous Creation is and how it calls us to worship God. I feel and see God so strongly in Creation, especially when we are in Africa.

PS Heather loves her hat :-)

Mark (Guernsey) said...

I remember an old poem that said that it is easy to say that there is no God among the skyscrapers of the city, but not so easy when you can see the sun. But busy-ness robs so many of the chance to see the "light behind the sun", even when they may be on a beach at sunset.

As an island boy I thank God for the privilege I have of spending time on the beach.