Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Had a really quiet couple of days, for some reason it has not been that busy out on the streets, but sometimes thats a good thing.

Next week should pick up again.

Just thinking ahead to when we wind down a bit. If you've been reading my blog for a while you will remember that last year i got really depressed at the end of the season. I went low and couldn't get out of the trough, probably due to tiredness but it still hit me hard, I was a nightmare to live with. It lasted until about February....

I am a little concerned about it, it's started to niggle at the back of my mind, i just need to rest properly at the end of this, I think thats the key. Last year I didn't rest, in fact sometimes I feel guilty about resting. I am learning about rest, just done a podcast on it, but still if the truth was told I am probably a little addicted to what we do. Which is not all bad but I need to learn to switch off.

For instance at the moment, I wake up thinking about what we do and go to bed still thinking about what we do, even on days off i am aware of new teams coming or what we are doing tomorrow. Even my thoughts on what we do next year probably need to stop for a bit.


Emma S said...

I am very much the same, come winter I turn into a monster to live with. Maybe its a seasonal thing you know like a very mild SAD. I also go at 100% an hour 'plan girl' is my nick name amougst friends and family. I always have to be doing something. I started to try and concentrate on the benefits of winter e.g curling up on the sofa in the duvet to keep warm with a cup of hot chocolate rather then concentrating on the negatives.

What I'm basically saying is this winter why dont you consider all the positive things about not working like more time with Kids, Tracy, more time to explore parts of Ibiza that you never have yet. more still time with God, more time for friends on the island.
Perhaps you could plan some stuff for the new season or pray about it. Try some self indulgence, or even join the gym if your paraniod about your weight!!

steve said...

being active people in terms of faith or action means we can get addicted to the buzz which is feeling better about us when we help people, that God is somehow happier with us, or we are worth more. i struggle with getting my worth from my projects instead of the love of the father for who i am...you are more than a team leader, servant etc etc, your a friend of God...if your seasonally busy then it stands to reason that you should be seasonally quiet. breathing Jesus in and out on a longer cycle is all...its all gone a bit jungle book...catch the rhythm man! yeahhhh?

john heasley said...

I get the same way on my time off from work, (which you know I egt a lot of)I get really frustrated and find myself listing things I have done that day, things to do the next, trying to justify myself and annoying everyone, still have to learn.