Thursday, January 10, 2008

I don't know why I have never looked at this site before, it's on a lot of peoples links. I think it is one of the best blogs I have seen, check out ASBO Jesus an ASBO in the UK is an Anti Social Behaviour Order. I love sites that have a visual impact and can make profound comments.

Another equally inspiring site is Naked Pastor David Hayward is funny, honest, vulnerable and very artistic.

I have also noticed some great stuff from Paul Reid on the reliability of scripture and emerging theology. I like Paul a lot, when he stayed at our home it started to rain and he was straight out in the garden with my wife helping to get the washing off the line. I like normal people.

My normal might be someone else's strange!

Normal for me is: Honest, Vulnerable, Helpful, Funny, Unpredictable, Trustworthy, Flawed, Emotional.

It's funny that when I look at that list I seem to like people who I think are like me! Or maybe they are people I would like to be like!

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alamedero said...

I love that comic! Classic!