Friday, March 07, 2008

Hammer Blow

Do you ever get days where something catches you totally unawares and is like a hammer blow. I have just had one of those mornings.

Debated whether to share it on my blog, as I know not everyone who reads is the praying kind and that I personally don't want to seem like I am praying sideways!

Heres what happened I went to pay the deposit and first months rent on our new building, I signed the contract and everything is now totally legal. When I came to pay the very kind and gentle man who is renting us the building he asked for the years rent in advance!!!!!!

Now I don't need advice on how this is wrong or what I need to do, I basically sat with the man and agreed that I would get him the money by next week... I don't know why, I just did it, my head was spinning.

Now my natural tendency is to try and fix this problem, I can dip into various pots and get all the money, the major problem is transferring it over from the United Kingdom, it's also stressful because it means dipping into our personal household rent and the boys school funds, then over the year as money for the project comes in we would pay ourselves back.. hope that makes sense.

My dilemma is this: I need 11,760 euros in cash by Wednesday.

The hammer blow is just us feeling sick that we got the communication wrong, feeling fed up with our language skills and having a major stress to access all the money.

It's my son 10th birthday party tonight, a time of joy, feasting filled with the kind of madness that can only happen with 12 kids in your house, so I need this other problem like a hole in the head.

If you've got the faith please pray for us.


Anonymous said...

Am a regular reader of your blog, have contacted you's this past summer to help a friend who had an accident while in Ibiza, don't know if I ever said thanks, apologies for that. Pray that God will continue to bless your ministry and impact many lives through your ministry for the kingdom.

I've been tagged on my blog, and thought i'd pass it on to you, feel free to partake if you get a chance, or not.

Chris mahood said...

Praying dude, i know you dont need reminded of this, you put life in gods hands, he is holding you and your family....God does NOT drop things!

Bless man!

Dan King said...

brian ...

wow ... crazy! praying for you over the next several days. asking that the lord would greatly increase your faith to be able to pray with boldness. asking God to provide what is needed at the best possible time. asking God to dump all the cash needed for this. keep us in the loop.


Anonymous said...

was nt going to leave a comment as something inside me said but faith without works is dead and if you have nt got any money to send nothing else is any use.
this is false guilt and i want to encourage you that if its Gods will he'll pay the bill, assure you of my prayers for your peace. Trust that God will use this situation to reassure you of his hand on your ministry .LIC

Anonymous said...

Praying for you!

EilĂ­s said...

praying - and we'll fire something into that account.

Karenkool said...

whoaaaa--sick. A whole year's rent??? I'll pray.

Happy birthday to the 10 year old son--DOUBLE DIGITS!! That's always a big deal in my house.

Hang in there. The miracle will come and blow you all away. (In a good way, of course).

dave wiggins said...

any update?