Thursday, March 13, 2008

Prophecy for 2008!!!!!!!!!!

I have had a lot of hits because of a post I put up on January the first, I've been surprised at people who google prophesy for 2008, anyway it got me mincing around the web and this is the best, and funniest prophecy for 2008, maybe it's a bit edgy and cynical but I like it:

"The church will continue to huddle together in it's consumeristic bubble. We will sing more bless me songs than in any previous year, we will still choose where we worship by the quality of the performance on a Sunday. Church could continue to be the meeting and not the people.

We will still love all that is large glitzy and glamorous, superstar preachers and worship leaders will direct us into a path of comfort and self help whilst the world outside our comfortable services goes to shit. We will talk of prosperity and blessing whilst our global ecological footprint and selfish lifestyles ever increasingly destroy the world. No one will be able to argue with these mega leaders because somehow our culture has proclaimed that big is beautiful and if it's big it is successful therefore leaders of big churches are pedestal-led they become increasingly difficult to argue with and very un-accountable.

Maybe someone will do a prophetic dance about it, I see someone prophetically waving a brown flag around the outside of the building symbolically representing the shitty world. It's okay she may dance strangely but no one in church will notice, they will will be too busy singing "Holy Spirit come and fill ME up".

I wonder if the Holy Spirit ever gets fed up with this song? Maybe she's thinking "Fill you up for what? you haven't done anything with the last lot of my life that I gave you!"

2008 could mean more of the same, but I see tiny plants breaking through the concrete of the established church structures, they don't look like much, in fact to many they look like weeds that should be pulled up and destroyed. There is strength in their fragility they will over the next 3 decades weaken existing hierarchical male dominated celebrity driven church cultures.

They will grow well, because they have chose to live in the shit, they will be well fertilized by the needy world that they serve."


kiwipaddy said...

spot on!

Jenelle said...

What's the link to that? Spot on, indeed.

Chris mahood said...

glad you put this up ;-)

Lisa said...

definitely glad you shared this!

Mark G said...

So right, that's where we are at, I am going to forward this link to a few of my friends.

Brian said...

I found it on