Friday, March 14, 2008

Vomit Bed

Tracy is in Madrid, she's helping a friend out with some work. She flew out yesterday and comes home today. So last night I was going to enjoy the vibe of sleeping in a double bed without another person to steal the quilt or put her cold feet on my legs!

It was all going well until one of my sons vomited in the night all over his bed! So at about 1am, I am dealing with a sick son (who when he woke up this morning was totally fine) plus having to clean a bed. Normally Tracy deals with the kids whilst I clean the sick, it is a good double act. I don't mind cleaning up sick I do it for a living I almost went and got our van and asked him where his hotel was! Just at 1.30 am after being woken from a brilliant sleep it didn't feel right.

It did remind me that summer is coming, last year we must have dealt with over 100 cases of people puking another 7 weeks and we'll be doing it all again.

Thankfully I got the bedding sorted, although I can't fit his huge double quilt in the washing machine so still trying to figure that one out.

At this point I want to take my hat of to single parents, it can't be easy, I don't know how you do it but I respect you a great deal. There are times when I have had to look after the children on my own and I am always struck by the thought "how do people manage on their own?" I know that people do and they do it admirably, it must cost a lot, socially, mentally and emotionally to raise a child alone.

Anyway here's to single parents, God bless you one and all!

Hope this isn't patronizing, it's not meant to be.

I'm exhausted today, it's been a crazy week.

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Anonymous said...

im a single parent from lurgan after readin ur blogs im glad im single all u men do is moan!only jokin keep up the good work!tell ur wife to go away more often!know any single men about 30-40ish dark,blonde,red...4ft,5ft, not fussy just desperate(not)