Tuesday, May 27, 2008

From an activistic missional perspective (or at least that is the perspective I hope to be coming from) my greatest concern would be that in our present day we stick to what we are comfortable with.

Therefore a great meeting in Florida could attract people who are comfortable within the walls of existing church structures, in fact so comfortable that they can roar like Lions and shake, rattle and roll without any embarresment in a meeting, try doing that in work on a Monday!. It could lead towards an underlying reality which is "we really want revival to happen but we don't want to be doing very much!"

Whenever you read of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts, it propelled the church out into the market place. When they could have got comfortable having a great time in Jerusalem they where further dispersed to other regions. They took the in dwelling of the Holy Spirit and endeavoured to see it outpoured into the very core of society, widows were cared for, orphans were looked after, money was given to the needy and miraculous happenings took place. Most of these miracles took place out on the street.

I watched Todd Bentley last night and in all honesty thats all I watched: Todd Bentley! He was very animated about defending his position, if I was him I wouldn't bother. Just keep doing what you are doing man, it's obviously popular, don't be defensive.

Personally I am extremely uncomfortable with the whole thing, but then I am worried about expressing that uncomfortableness. I have met guys over the years who heavily criticized something and later had to say they were wrong. It's not that I am to proud to say I'm wrong I just don't want to make the mistake in the first place.

However, if this whole thing leads the church on an inward journey of seeking the blessing and not an outward journey of being the blessing, then it is wrong.


richard said...
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richard said...

I heard a church leader talking about the florida stuff this week. Their church have seen a lot of healings and people coming to know Jesus outside of their church and are very outward focused this way. He went to florida last week to see what they thought of this. He like you had reservations that this would be contained to meetings but when he got there found that they were training people to pray for the sick outside on the street every afternoon. H edidn't say about other days they were doing it but 67 people had become christians the afternoon he arrived.