Thursday, May 15, 2008

I had a great post from anonymous today, they where from N.Ireland

They appear to have trawled through roughly 71 posts that I have posted since February.

Here's what they had to say:

"Hopefully as part of my new diet I will drink Guinness this evening".
"When I walk to the end of my road, I come to a sunset bar called Khumaras it’s a great place, chilled out music loads of local people, great drinks"
"Red wine is essential, I found this little native Catalunya wine Masia Perelada a mixture of Grenache and Tempranillo grapes, rustic and cheap, but at 13.5% it did the job".
"It ended up us all heading down the pub for a great meal and another diet Guinness".
"Last night I had a chicken tandori kebab, it was beautiful Tandori chicken wrapped up in a nan bread with salad and kebab sauce...... we had a Guinness to go with it".
"I love Guinness, potatoes and bread"(this post actually had a big picture on the heading of Guinness), what message does that send out?
"Just bought some cigars"!

I put these on as they are all quotes from posts of yours over the last few months, i cant help but reply and be annoyed at them, now dont get me wrong im not perfect, i make mistakes and sin but to me this whole alcohol thing isnt a mistake and seems to be the latest cool trend to be doing, do you not think these things you have been saying send out a wrong message to people, what kind of example does it set as a christian, the part that really gets me is where you say about the wine at 13.5% done the job" , what job is that? get you tipsy, drunk, feeling good, how is this right?There is far too much of this going on in church today and in christian circles, it has almost become the norm, i dont understand it and it makes me so angry.

Now I don't really mind anonymous comments, they add spice to blogging, maybe it's just because of the nature of my blog that it invites religious positions. It's more that I feel people try to shape what you should write, I just try to be honest about my life. Yes I like a drink, I have nothing agaisnt people who don't drink, my father is tee total and I admire him for that, I know a number of people in the Salvation army who also don't drink and I like the fact that they excercise their right to make that choice.

I work with a lot of people who have had to much to drink and it can be very messy. I can drink responsibly not to get drunk but because I enjoy certain types of alcoholic beverages. In fact quite a lot of different kinds, I enjoy the smokey peaty flavours of Single malt whiskey, Lagavullin is my favourite, especially the 21 year old distillers malt, Red wine especially Rioja has a light fruity flavour which I enjoy with food, Guinness is a treat I really only enjoy in Ireland, I enjoy these for their taste and the fact that I often share a drink with friends. I have also been know to drink alone but what the heck!

I'm not a drunk, what do you think Jesus did when he turned the water into wine? Do you think he had a glass?

Anyway I am off out tonight to work in the bar area of San Antonio, I won't be drinking because like many people we have a policy of not drinking at work.


kiwipaddy said...

better to drink alcohol than to be anal [as in: relating to, personality traits (as parsimony, meticulousness, and ill humor) considered typical of fixation at the anal stage of development, an anal disposition]

what do these quotes say about the author of the blog? they say he is human, like the rest of us. they say he is at the heart of God's kingdom for a reason.

that he is chosen for a reason: a good reason. and that he is best-placed to do the job he is doing. his ministry is authentic and real; he is authentic and real; jesus was authentic and real and God is probably chuffed to bits that he enjoys some of the beautiful benefits of this fine planet within reason, of course!

Anonymous said...

"when we genuinely believe that inner transformation is GOD'S work not ours we can put to rest our passion to set others straight."

Alan said...

I am not so sure whether these comments you posted from anonymous, are designed to encourage or discourage the consumation of alcohol........someone that uptight is seriously in danger of breaking into pieces.......

kiwipaddy said...

I really like the quote from Foster's 'Celebration of Discipline' ... and, is the 'Foster' connection to the subject intended or coincidental?!

Alana said...


Just came back from a great talk by Pete to a local CU on Galatians 5 and the freedom we have in Christ and the tragedy of tying ourselves to rules when God sacrificed so much for us to be free. Grace is too amazing to be given up for anonymous comments!

Praying for you guys in Ibiza.


Eilís said...

Biblically, there are no commands about not taking alcohol. there are about taking it to excess - but 'in excess' means making it an 'idol' - something not for Christians. if you were with someone who would falter in their faith because you were drinking around them, you wouldn't do it - Romans 14v13-18. (edited)

Let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block in your brother's way...I am fully convinced that nothing is unclean in itself...If your brother is distressed because of what you eat or drink, you are no longer acting in love. Do not by your eating or drinking destroy your brother for whom Christ died...the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit...

this doesn't mean that we have to not drink, though. and there isn't justification for anger if someone can drink and not have their faith be weakened. in many cultures community is gained by a social drink. it doesn't mean that brian, or myself, or anyone else who has a drink is an alcoholic or a 'sinner'.

i realise that this subject can be a controversial one in the church, but as it's not the basis or even a hint of how we have salvation, maybe we should be more concerned and focused on what is that basis?

Eilís said...

sorry for the massive comment, brian. :)

john heasley said...

A couple of interesting comments from anonymous, mainly ' I don't understand it and it makes me so angry' Thanks for being honest about your weaknesses anonymous, but I think that is the problem. I can think of so many things I am angry about, so many wrongs and hurts and injustices, but they are mainly outside of christian circles and to help them I am going to have to put in more effort than scrolling through someones blog posts and leaving really long comments.

Anonymous said...

what if i had an alcohol problem before i got saved and then when i got saved god had took me away from the things of the world but then I see and hear of "christians" drinking alcohol, how do you think that effects me when i sometimes struggle with it and be tempted by it myself, seeing the things that you and other people say about alcohol can seriously damage someones walk.

John W said...

What's with the inverted commas anonymous?

rick hill said...

brian, i agree with your perspective and admire your honesty in posting this

yet at the same time i've seen too many young people wander off the road with Jesus due to the pull of alcohol so i do believe there is a certain responsibility on us in how we deal with the alcohol issue.

i suppose that's the lenses i look through from time to time and so that's my crutch!!

Hannah said...

He's hardly glorifying alcoholism and debauchery is he? He's setting a good example. He drinks but he's not a drunk. Isn't that the ideal situation given alcohol is actually good for you in small amounts? Responsible consumption should be spoken about.

I've had a couple of blog trawlers since starting. They read your entire blog and leave one nasty comment clearly riled and frothing. They manage to pluck out the tiny weenie negatives, lump them together and use their findings to build a case against you.

People like this would have been the ones to light the fire beneath the witches. Best ignored and pitied....although I usually give them an earful ;)

Rebecca said...

I was thinking about alcoholic consumption recently especially in the applicability of 1 Corinthians 8 - 10, which seems to transpire today. However if we assert that we are not allowed alcohol, surely it descends us into legalistic tendencies, and restores manacles on us which prevents from experiencing freedom of Christ.Eucharist services in some churches entail wine, albeit some prefer ribena, but surely as such it was a part of the Last Supper, and thus an emulation of Jesus' acts.

To some extent I envisage the anonymous user seeing themselves fulfilling the requirements of Galatians 6 but I think if it is alcohol consumption of a casual basis not sin of the flesh- drunkeness, it is ok. I also concede teetotalism to be on the basis of the individual's convictions with God, which is individual, they may feel God has placed the challenge in their life to stop drinking.

I think through reading your blog for the past year and a half, you are a great witness for Christ, and convey through your blog a gospel of Christ, not in a superiority, judgemental way but rather a sincere, yet challenging way, and no drinking can diminish that. So keep living out loud for Christ!