Friday, June 06, 2008


I've just got into bed and there was a strange smell, I have just realized that a cat has climbed in our open window and slept on my pillow. I saw it out on the window ledge after I noticed the smell.

I hate cats.

If someone killed one and cooked it I would happily eat it. Cats are vile creatures..

This is all I need at this time of night to be changing bed linen.

Has anyone got an air rifle they could lend me, I would like to shoot it maybe just wound it and then let my dog finish it off.

I hope you can tell that I am angry as i write this post.

Sorry if you own a cat, I am sure your's is very lovable.


Sheena said...

Ha! How do you really feel? ;o)

If you guys ever were to meet my parents (and only God knows why you would) you should talk about cats with my dad. Based on this post I can confidently say you two would have an eternally lasting bond in your sentiments regarding cats.

Tanya Heasley said...

I don't like cats either, I think they look evil and cat pee is the worse smell ever.

John can't stand them too 'cause they keep pooing on the vegatables he's been growing. (best not eat any of our crops when you visit!)

Mel Wiggins said...

i hate cats too. they are the most fickle creatures in the world. one minute they are luring you in with their cuddlyness(?) and you're like...'oh, ok...maybe they're ok...' and the minute you let them onto your lap and you move and inch...just ONE INCH....they have the claws out and hiss at you. evil. spawn of satan.

i feel strongly as well, can you tell?

Anonymous said...

I feel I must stick up for cats, I LOVE them and I have two adorable cats. They are very independant but there is nothing like a warm purring cat on your knee. In fact I prefer them to some humans I meet!

Oh and I'm glad kiwipaddy left NI as well.