Friday, June 06, 2008

Preconceptions and misconceptions

Why do people have such wierd thoughts about Christians? I understand that christians haven't done the greatest job of representing themselves over the years but we're not all bad.

James Arthur Guiness was a christian, he invented Guiness!

Wilberforce and the camden group were christians who worked tirelessly for the abolition of slavery.

Mother Thereasa was a christian.

I could go on, but I could also go on about the people who have held a christian faith and cocked things up1

Anyway on a more micro level we often get asked on the street if we drink, the answer we give is "yes but not at work"

Some people think we are a wierd cult! but what can you do about that? We have a faith that compels us to be helpful and kind we are not a cult.

I understand preconceptions and misconceptions, I have them. They are normally born out of ignorance, fear or previous bad experience.


Anonymous said...

your blogs are becoming more and more disappointing...

Hannah said...

It's a sign of how detached young people are from the Christain faith. It's becoming more and more alien to people.

I'm not a confirmed Christian but used to go to Sunday school, church events and church even at times!

As more and more churches are closing or being converted into something else, less and less children are experiencing them from within. The ones which are left are becoming historical monuments.

I think Spain is experiencing this more than the UK. I never sell a crusific pendant to a young Spaniard. The young Spaniards mentally hold a cross up to the church!

The answer? God only knows for sure but I suspect only a major crisis could bring Christianity back to everyone's lives as it used to be, mass or menos.