Friday, June 06, 2008

Latest from Anonymous "your blogs are becoming more and more disappointing"

I had thought that myself or should I say harder and harder to write, after a while you get in danger of repeating yourself. I'm going to keep going and you don't have to read it.

Actually it annoys me that I am even responding again to anonymous.

Why do all the anonymous people come from N.Ireland?


Anonymous said...

im talking about the way you present yourself. the things you say and do are quite different. I don't see authenticity in you anymore- at all. The content of your posts, the tone of your posts, case in point being the label of this post, totally pointless. Anonymous because I don't have a blogger account.

Geoff Stevens

kiwipaddy said...

because we are all too embarrassed to admit to being completely narrowminded and personality-deficient eejits without a life - that's why.

thank goodnes I married a kiwi who has a life and a personality ... it seriously increased my street-cred. people actually talk to me these days and sitting down is much more comfortable since removing that poker from my behind.

anyway, we think your blogs are great ... we enjoy hearing your musings on life. we're really glad I left northern ireland ten years ago as well.

we are going back next week though ... maybe I'll post some shite comments while I'm there.

i think your label is incredibly gracious ... %$*£wit would have been my choice.

peace, love, brotherhood, and all that ...

rick hill said...

ah go easy on us northern irish...!!

tim said...

hey Geoff,

why don't you start a blog? they're really simple to set up.

You could easily share your life in a real, vulnerable, raw, holy, challenging and "haven't always got it altogether" kind of a way....

Then we could all comment on what we see without really knowing you.

peace and grace

kiwipaddy said...


hello, hello!!!

are you still out there? how is the lovely anna and what are you up to these days?

have you identified the paddy in kwiwpaddy yet?

kiwipaddy said...

rick, I'm sorry!!

Anonymous said...


i can't help but take a middle path on this one. Yes in some ways I do think that Geoff is being quite pedantic, but perhaps some others here are also being too slack about it. I think there has been a dip in the standard of what you are saying here. However, I always love reading your blogs. But perhaps using language like that, or expressing some of the emotions you do, in the way that you do isn't the most helpful...I mean yes, we are called to be authentic, but we are also called to holiness (not to be confused with religiousity), there must be a changed life after acceptance of Jesus. It is a lot easier to let standards slip nowadays and pass it off as being authentic, or real, or raw, but as followers of Christ should we not be affecting the culture, as opposed to the culture affecting us? Just some would be great?

Niall Taylor said...

Awww at least your blog is getting comments...! Maybe mine is too boring!
(Ok started not long ago...)
Shalom from Australia!

EilĂ­s said...

regardless of what you blog on, Brian, it seems blatantly rude and disrespectful for someone to comment the way this person does.

i also have "anonymous" comments on my blog (i hesitate to blame the same person without having concrete evidence), which are less than constructive, helpful, kind, generous, see where i'm going here.

not making a blogger account is a lame excuse - it's free and doesn't mean you have to create a blog.

shame that one rude and selfish person is dictating how you blog.

sometimes we go through shallow, dry pools of writing power. keep going, for those of us who care about you and your family and what you're doing in ibiza, we appreciate your blogging even when you may not hit the peak you want.

tim said...

interesting point jonny.

i wonder if the question worth asking is "who are blogs for?"
in a world full of tribes individuals the internet surly pulls people together, so is it the new form of oral culture. sharing stories and life. Are blogs for specific friends family and connected parties OR are blogs like TV programmes, they're made for an audience but anyone can stumble across them... and if ou don't like what you're watching turn it off.

my hunch is that the answer (as always) lies somewhere in the middle. Words and pictures will never tell the whole story. sometimes being present and silent will tell you a whole load more.

to me Blogs are more like photo albums, giving snapshots of life, if you want to know the full story you need to ask about the story behind the picture.