Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prevailing Prayer

Prevailing is definitely an old school word, but I like it, that whole sense of hanging on, not letting go....

Jeremiah 13 : 17 I will weep in secret because of your pride; my eyes will weep bitterly, overflowing with tears, because the LORD's flock will be taken captive.

Jeremiah was prevailing for his people in prayer. Prevailing means persevering and inducing.

It’s that sense of keeping on keeping on! Overcoming, probably with a sense of victory....

It's like Jacob in Genesis 32 wrestling with the angel saying “I will not let go”. Kind of praying that is a hard slog in one direction and can go on for years and years. I prevail for my wife and children, I won't stop, I'll always pray for them.

One gardener said to another gardener “How is it your seed comes up so soon?” the other gardener replied “Because I steep it”

Steep according to wikipedia means: To soak an item (or to be soaked) in liquid in order to gradually add or remove components to or from the item

We need to steep people and situations with prayer. I often tell stories on this blog of our little mad adventures in the west end and some of the exciting things that happen to us. The stories are great but the reason I believe they happen is because we prevail in prayer.

Martin Luther the great protestant reformer was over heard by a guy called Theodorus whilst he prayed. Theodorus said this “I overheard him in prayer, but, good God, with what life and spirit did he pray! It was with so much reverence, as if he where speaking to God, yet with so much confidence as if he were speaking to his friend”

This man prevailed in life because he prevailed in prayer.

I recently heard a great man called Ken Mcreavy speak he said "We only have history that is seen we don’t see the secret history", the secret of our breakthroughs may not be in the fact that we are gifted and anointed but that someone prays for us. Steeps us in prayer. Many a person who has done and accomplished great things has had people in the background praying.

My father prays, prevails in prayer, for me every day. It is more likely that he and others like him are the secret to our success as a pose to our own giftedness.

Thye exciting thing is that we can also participate in secret histories by prevailing in prayer.

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