Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I have heard God been called many different names over the years, not all of them complimentary! People have lots of opinions about God, me included. All shaped by our history, out heritage, our families and our learning. In fact I had a guy say to me last year that if God was sitting in the same room as him he would head butt Him!!! I think he had a low opinion of God or was just damaged by life and needed someone to focus his anger on.

Tonight Tracy and I where out on the Westend we were talking to a bar owner who kindly took some of our prayer request forms to distribute to people and keep behind her bar. Whilst we where standing outside chatting a guy came along, he was pretty drunk, she gave him a prayer request and said he could talk to God. He then said 'why would I want to talk to Gordon?" we all just fell about laughing.

It's the first time I have ever heard God referred to as Gordon, I think it kind of suits Him....


Poppy said...

Hey Brian! Look at me...I'm no longer lurking on your blog. I've come out of the blogging closet! Thanks so much for a great week in Ibiza...hoping to see you guys again before the season is over.

Pastor Phil said...

Hi Brian, I keep following your journeys out there. I hope this is a season crammed full of God things. Praying for you all continually.