Thursday, May 07, 2009


I am in sitting in our centre in the westend, just hanging out with people meeting some new faces, chilling and having a good time.

We've had a nightmare with our plasma screen, we ordered a new one online now the Spanish company say they don't have them in stock and that it will take 30 days before we get a refund!!! another frustrating day with a poorly organised spanish company.

Then we phoned telefonica today and they said we are going to have to re order our phone as they only now know that it can't get a normal fixed line!!!! This is weird as this is what one of their engineers told us when he visited us in January!!! Surely there must be an alternative to this dreadful company. Or are they so crap because they have a monopoly?

To top it all off I just realised I stink of chicken pooh, I was feeding the chickens earlier and forgot to change my shoes. I am becoming a smelly farmer.

Anyway life is good, just a bit more complicated, I am now seriously praying that Germans would take over telefonica and sort it out to run like a proper company.

By the way, I have just swallowed my chewing gum, hope this doesn't happen to me.....

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