Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Workers for the harvest

I recently did this little podcast for 24-7 Prayer I hope you like it I am a bit annoyed about the sound quality, it was a windy day. I'm just sitting outside my front door.

If I had a decent video camera and microphone I could do loads of different ones from around the island, I've had thoughts, about doing them from watchtowers, ancient churches, beaches, next to fig trees, by wells all that sort of thing. It could be fun.

Check out the other 24-7 Prayer podcasts, Pete Stanleys is brilliant on people trafficking.


Paul said...

I just returned from Thailand 2weeks ago and that verse has been on my mind for about for about 3 weeks. The Harvest is great but the workers are few. Feel like God is speaking to me!


... said...

I like what you say here and it's encouraging of 24-7's focus on Europe.
I'm not sure it's totally true that Europe is THE dark continent.
There are so many people groups & nations with NO christians and with NO missionaries.
I agree so much with the focus and heart behind it however.

Brian said...

.... I think you are right, there are much tougher environments, especially middle east and near east situations. I once heard a guy say it was more about the ease with which one could get to a church and in a lot of countries this is forbidden or extremely dangerous. At least in europe what we have to a certain degree is freedom. Europe is a dark continent possibly even the dark continent but more in line with it's levels of morality and hardness to the gospel as a pose to opportunities to express your faith. My challenge was to the comfortable people already living in our continent who don't really seem to recognize the darkness around them. Hope that makes sense.