Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bibles and prostitutes

We have had a few more connections with these girls, they are very complex. They tell you their street names but then when you pray they write their real names down. We chat with them and then later in the evening we try to dissuade people from using their services! I think we stopped to lads this evening.

One thing we have discovered is they don't like just a new testament or a message version of the bible, they want full versions of the bible. I have to get some!!!

The other thing is that today 2 came of these ladies came into the centre and went through a chapter of the bible with Tracy, she then prayed with them both, and one of their prayers was that they would get different jobs. Obviously this for us was a little chink of light. Many of these girls are bound up in something that is so culturally removed from how we operate it's very difficult to know how to speak into it. We pray a lot about it. They do not have a pimp, they normally have a madam, they are held by debt but also by a thing called juju which hangs over their lives with a threat that if they don't do what they are told bad things will happen to their families, they really believe this stuff. So we continue to tread gently in this area, I am on the edge of feeling that if this goes any further I will have to stop blogging about it, as I don't want to betray confidence or over expose these ladies.

if you are the praying type please hold them in your prayers for us and please pray for wisdom and breakthrough for us as a team.

Anyway I am now going to see if I can find some free full versions of the bible. Maybe the bibles are the key???

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