Friday, June 05, 2009

A Car story!!!!

Heres a little story, last week when I put on my blog about the Freelander, TD4, ES, Diesel, Manual 2002 plate the one thing I didn't put on was colour, my friend had asked me the previous day if I was going to be specific and I had said "well we would like a green one", and just kind of laughed!! I was going to put the colour on last weeks blog but bottled it......

Friday night I get a message from a lovely couple I know who are regular blog readers and great supporters of all we do out here, it turns out they where going to put their car on the market that weekend.

It was a Landrover freelander, TD4 ES, Diesel, manual, 2002 plate and amazingly it was green!!!! The other thing was that although they were going to sell it for a little bit more, they were happy to take £4000 for it!!!!

The picture above is of said car, how fantastic is that, we have a freelander. It's pretty miraculous that this has happened, the car passed it's mot last week, has great mileage and will last us for years here on the island.

Now I need some help. It's going to cost to get it over and I could do with some kind people who are willing to drive it to Barcelona or Ibiza but I also could do with some kind people who will help pay to get it over.

I have already had about £250 from last week now I need to raise about another £900. Can you help?

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