Wednesday, June 10, 2009

we're getting there

Been a busy few days here, some great nights on the street and some excellent times at home.

It is my youngest sons sat tests this week, so generally a busy week. As the summer goes on we end up on the streets later and later which means getting the kids to school gets harder and harder, we only have a couple more weeks of this and it is the hardest part of our summer. Draining is the word........

Just had a friend out called Jon Peterson, it was great just to hang with Jon and get his wisdom. Jon spent 14 years working in the red light district of amsterdam, he lived there with his wife and 3 children so has a wealth of experience and knowledge about messy living. He's not really taller than me a friend took this of us at about 1am in the morning outside a rock bar called ground zero in the west end, jon was standing on a step, he loved being out on the streets.

Thanks to all who have donated a bit towards the car we are up to about £300 and I hear rumblings there are one or two people who would like to bring it over.

If you are one of those people please email on brian at 24-7ibiza dot com

Sorry this is just a brief update, I now have a few nights off so I will get back at it.

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lisa said...

How great to have Jon on the streets with you :-)