Friday, June 05, 2009

Just one night

I get amazed at some of the things that happen when we are out and about, other times you almost take it all for granted and treat it like it's normal...

The guys where all sitting around the kitchen table yesterday discussing the previous evenings street work. We have a team of 3 americans with us so there were 8 people out on the street, going out in twos.

Tracy and Bruce manage to help a Spanish guy who wass being held by two british guys and accused of stealing their money. It turns out he hadn't and that he is very upset about being falsely accused, as he should be, so they bring him into the centre. It turns out he has a little spiritual background and he believes in vampires, maybe even thinks he is one! He gets a little weird and as he leaves he says to Tracy "Your blood smells very sweet". He has obviously been watching twilight!!!

Meantime James and Christine are with some prostitutes having a chat whilst they hide from the police, not James and Christine the prostitutes... When the police leave the prostitutes move on.

Later in the evening James and Tracy walk home a couple to their hotel whilst walking back, the guy says "Do you want to see my gift" Tracy and James say yes and he then proceeds to do the most perfect Elvis impression they have ever seen!!! Thats his gift, God has gifted him with the ability to impersonate Elvis...

Another two of our girls get a worker trying to kiss them both and making lewd comments about their body shape, which isn't so pleasant, he's doing it to try and freak us out. I'm going to talk to him about it.

They also had another great chat with two girls who were very disillusioned with life.

People also kept stopping and thanking the team for the oranges that they had given out on the beach that afternoon.

One worker friend bought two of our guys some chips, someone else came up to them and because they had been giving out free oranges thought they where giving out free chips, so he just helped himself, they let him...

I could go on, this was just one night, 5 -6 hours.

If anyone asks why we are here we should say::::

"We are here to calm down Vampires! listen to Elvis! and hide from the police with prostitutes!"

Does that sound ok?


lisa said...

Sounds perfect, Brian. Just perfect.

Anonymous said...

never underestimate the power of 1 encounter...keep goin!