Thursday, June 04, 2009

Heres our little summer long crew, these guys have come to serve for the summer and they are great.

The girls will hate this photo, but from left to right we have Clare Ison, Christine Scott, Me and James Godward. They are really making life much easier up here on the farm and they are all brilliant when it comes to the centre and the streets.

Clare is from near coventry and will be having a little break in the middle and then rejoining us until September, Christine is a nurse from N.Ireland who has taken a 6 month career break to be with us from May till October and James is here until August.

Weirdly James dad used to be my youth leader. I remember he took us all out as a youth group to Basildon when I was about 15, we were going home and one of our guys mouthed off to a drunk guy this guy thought it was me, chased me, pulled a knife on me and stabbed me in the head!!!! Russell, Jame's dad, saw it all, I can still remember him saying to the guy who pulled the knife "that isn't going to get you any where mate!" it wasn't a severe stabbing, he backed me into a corner, I banged my head on a wall, and as I jumped away from the wall his knife just clipped me in the temple! He looked more freaked out than me, so he ran off.

This was 1985, my stabber had a mullet.....

Anyway it's lovely to have all these guys here, they are a real asset.

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