Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Prayer rooms and prostitutes

Yesterday afternoon we were sitting in the centre when in came three prostitutes who some of the girls on our team had met the previous evening. They wanted to use our prayer room for prayer.

They asked if they could have 10 minutes alone and then if we would go in and pray with them. So at about 6.15 yesterday afternoon Christine and I found ourselves kneeling alongside 3 working girls calling down the blessing of God on their lives in our little prayer room.

For us this was exciting as well as challenging, last year we prayed with these girls on the street this is the first time they have ever come into the centre. It's always been a strong belief of mine, that our prayer rooms and buildings should be accessible and welcoming to all kinds of people and then here we are on our 5th summer of living here starting to see prostitutes come in for prayer. It has blown me away.

We then gave all 3 of the girls bibles, they wanted full versions, we found 3 and at the front they had a little bit to write in so we wrote "presented to ****** on the occasion of friendship and grace" They loved the bibles, we then had a little chat about the virgin mary and they went on their ways.

About 3 minutes later 5 of their friends came walking in the door all wanting prayer. We sat with them this time in the prayer room and prayed once more. They all asked for Bibles to, one wondered if we could get her one with daily prayers etc.. we found our 5 remaining full versions of the bible and gave them to the girls. I wish we had of had nice pink ones to give them, but they didn't seem to mind.

They then all left, promising to return tomorrow and asking if Christine would read the bible with them when they came back.

It was strange site to see all these prostitutes leaving our centre walking along the road with bibles tucked under their arms.

I'm sure God was smiling.


Dave Carrol said...

Wonderful stuff man. The good fruit of hard labor

Big Chris said...

Dude, this is amazing, i think there is a much bigger picture to be drawn out here, like rolf harass...."you know what it is yet" ...not yett rolf but we are enjoying seeing the picture unfold....

God bless bro!


Mark G said...


Diane said...

Wonderful! And am just so pleased for you guys to get this encouragement at the beginning of the season.
Looking forward to seeing what God will do

GoldDigger said...

wow- that is so amazing xx

Duncan Donuts said...

THis is awesome. Thank you jesus. You guys are doing a great job. I understand you also have found a car? PTL!

amy said...

smiling here in Dublin, what a brave move for them, will be praying for you guys this season, Amy