Thursday, September 10, 2009

Christian Clubbing!!!

I know many of my readers will find this hard to believe but there are still christians out there who think other christians shouldn't go to clubs. Whilst I am a respecter of opinions I find the logic and theology behind this kind of thinking very hard to understand.

Why do christians go to clubs?

1. Here's the main reason and it's exactly the same reason as everybody else: To have a good time, to dance, listen to great music, to hang out with friends and meet new people.

I all honesty I am tempted to just stop there, but I won't.

What other positives do I see? Well like many other clubbers most christians I know who go to clubs do so in a drug free way, I think people need reminding that we are just as capable of having a laugh as the next man and we can do so without the need for any pharmaceuticals to keep us going.

Clubs are a great place to dance get lost in music and have a bit of a worship and a good old pray. No one can hear you! and during those anthemic moments when everyone lifts their hands up you can be lifting yours up to God!!!

Arguments against!

Jesus wouldn't have gone there!

Nonsense... This is like that old pathetic thinking that says something like if you break the speed limit Jesus gets out of the car, or if you go to the pub don't expect Jesus to go there with you!! Not quite in line with such Bibles verses as "I will never leave you or forsake you"

By attending clubs we endorse the bad that goes on there.

I was recently at a N.Ireland football match (thankfully not last nights sorry affair) by attending was I endorsing the sectarianism that is highly evident in a reasonable amount of the crowd? It's here I would like to make a plea for some consistency amongst the objectors! Does working for a bank mean you endorse a capitalist world view! Where do we draw the line.

If people see us attending clubs we could lead them astray and cause them to lose their faith.

If some young person who you are working with goes of the rails because they saw you going into a club, I would be absolutely amazed! Then I would question whether you had ever discipled them correctly in the first place. As a christian leader my job is not to teach people to stay away from the world but to teach them how to live as a christian in the world.

It doesn't look right!

I wonder if a prostitute washing Jesus's feet with her hair looked right? Or Jesus going to a tax collectors for tea looked right? People who have this kind of attitude are the sort of people who would be crying crucify him.

Clubs are dark evil places.

No darker or evil than anywhere else! Anyway weren't we called to be light in darkness? There's probably more darkness in 50% of christians search history on their computer than there is in a club.

I could go one but the reality is that christians who object to going clubbing have arguments that are riddled with inconsistencies and attitudes that are pharisaical.

Here's a dictionary definition of pharisaical: Hypocritically self-righteous and condemnatory.

Now thats the kind of christian I don't want to be........


Diane said...

Well said and time we got over those silly things of where we should and shouldnt go!!

Nick Ashman said...

I agree with what your saying Brian and I assume that this post comes from criticism?

I would [personally] put worship much higher. I agree with all the other stuff you have said but place worshiping God so much higher. It's not something I do because I'm there, I go because I want to worship! Within trance there are so many lyrics and euphoric moments that reveal God's love and lead me to worship Him.

Currently this is doing it for me,

"Many faces, gone to places, sun is blinding, world defining.

Face the light, for me to see your eyes

Face the light"

Just one example of hundreds I could give where dance music expresses our love for God or God's love for us.

Keep up the good work Brian!


Rachel said...

knew you'd love that post Bruce does too! lol

Tina said...

amazing... i was just trying to figure out a good way to say this to some of friends who were asking question... and this said most perfectly! well done!

Charlie said...

Brilliant, love what you're talking and walking. I'm trying to find some Christians in London to go clubbing with, any suggestions?! Thanks. God bless.

Brian said...

Charlie, check out bruces blog he could hook you up

Anonymous said...

Hi, stumbled across your blog and this is a genuine question not a criticism so I hope you treat it as such.

Don't nightclubs fall into the category of wild parties as mentioned below?

Romans 13:13...'Because we belong to the day, we must live decent lives for all to see. Don’t participate in the darkness of wild parties...'
or Galatians 5:21 ...'envy, drunkenness, wild parties, and other sins like these. Let me tell you again, as I have before, that anyone living that sort of life will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

Anonymous said...

Great ANother Blog post giving young christians a great excuse to go clubbing, i guess what you talk about and waht you think about most really just shows the deepest desires of your heart. Im not saying christians CANT go clubbing, but what i am saying is theres far much more greater things in store with Gods plan for your life.

Romans 13:14 (ESV) - But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh
Eph 5:3 - But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God's holy people.

Now i think theres more than a hint of sexual immorality in clubs... Lets not be deceived and fool ourselves. Why are we drinking piss water from the toilet when Jesus promised us A well of water flowing into eternal life in him... We can be great evangelists outside of the evil world systems which are controlled by Satan:

Hebrews 12:2 "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus" some of us cant get passed worshipping the DJ and the music...

Brian said...

check out my response as a main post for today

Anonymous said...

Although you may really enjoy clubbing & have a fun & innocent time, this doesn't mean to say all Christians do. In such an environment, many Christians struggle with the half naked girls dancing around, guys coming up to you grinding & the lustful atmosphere which encourages people to join in. Of course Christians can go clubbing and just enjoy themselves, but many get sucked into the atmosphere which clubs desire to create.
So whilst you may enjoy going, many Christians find it an unhelpful place to go. It may not be wrong in itself, but many Christians find it unhelpful. Don't laugh at other Christians who decide not to go because they are trying to keep away from temptation. Respect them and maybe they'd respect you more in return.

ian said...

hey fellas,

Just came accross your words.

Im a Christian lad who soaked his way through turnmills n other clubs
yea at the time i never spoke to anyone about faith.but i know i def felt uplifted in worship as i danced thinking up words of praise to my fact one club used to play Mary Mary -i never evan heard of christian music like that but loved it.
The Lord moved me on I started going back to chrch,but i cudnt let my self go.The club sean is adictive to many cos it fills a spritual hole.i think thats why drugs go with it as it assists...
i found some gud church in notting hill gate discovered and explored Christian hip hop/rave electro an dance.
The lord calls us -not the other way round for a purpose.I go clubing I love it still but with it i take my Father His Sprit and His Word.ive shared sometimes prayed listened loved.
my light aint under a bushel its out there
Night clubs need prayers both for staff and clubbers id love to see other christians.maybe one day a decent dance club in london.

ive come acoss a few Christian DJs a few clubbers usualy all in US where are u uk?