Friday, September 11, 2009

More on clubbing christians

Came home today and there was one of these sitting at the top of our drive!! It's a hoopoe.

I used to be a member of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, but I let my membership slip.

Nick made some very good points yesterday, which I wholeheartedly agree with.

One other observation that I would like to make is "Why do we have to make something spiritual to legitimize it?" and why do we have to make only certain things spiritual and other things it's ok just to do?

We have to argue the case for clubbing but no one argues the case for watching TV?


Nick Ashman said...

Good points Brian! I think that there is a lot of legitimizing going on in the Christian world in all kinds of areas.

I guess I would say that clubbing is seen as a largely deviant activity where people go to drink, take drugs and meet people to have sex with. Therefore, most christians when they go have to quantify that they don't go to do these things. Often, I think, it can be easier to spiritualize the experience so people have no come back.

I could be wrong.

However, I also know plenty of non-christians who also don't go clubbing for these reasons either. I feel It is the way clubbing is seen that makes Christians that go clubbing defensive.

For me this links into a much bigger issue. The Church over the years has done all it can to distance itself from risky/gray area activities. Churches like to have black and white, yes and no answers to everything. So, not surprisingly clubbing gets put in the 'No' column.

No one argues a case for watching TV because most people see no need to question the activity to start with.

Are we right to spend more time scrutinizing one thing over another? I'm not sure.

The question is, do we do this because there IS a difference between clubbing and other types of activities like TV, or, is it because the negatives in night clubbing are more obvious than watching TV or going to a football match?

Mark (from Guernsey) said...

Maybe the real reason that people question clubbing, is because they haven't really got a clue what Christian means? Everyone knows what clubbing is...I am more than happy with that...but less and less comfortable with what is categorised as Christian.

Working with drug users as I now do, the question I have more and more is why am I happy to enjoy wine & beer as a Christian, but we may not be comfortable accepting a drug user into our churches/ fellowships? They kneel and pray too.

Keep on kneeling or dancing with people in their territory.