Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Prostitutes kneeling

If you put Ibiza prostitutes into google I am number 2 on the list. Not that I was googling for prostitutes just noticed that I get a lot of hits from this one phrase. Needless to say they don't hang around long.

It's hard to tell wheter the prostitution situation is better or worse in San Antonio this year. These girls are mainly west african and they hang out around the edges of the west end. Normally towards the end of the evening you see much more of them. They harrass really drunk guys who are on their own and generally try it on with everyone who walks by. They predominantly offer oral sex although I have noticed more this year offering full sex. Many guys loose their wallets to these ladies.

We were walking home a few nights ago when i got approached by a prostitute, I obviously spurned her advances but told her about what we do and who we are, she then asked me if we had any condoms. Now I struggled for a minute thinking, "why don't you buy some?" but then thought "well if your not going to buy them we will give you some" at least this way we offer protection to the prostitute and the customer. Does this mean I am legitimizing prostitution? I hope not, it is a situation that makes me very unhappy, and it is also very complex. The police in San Antonio seem a little useless at dealing with the problem primarily because the girls have all the correct residents papers and never have any money on them so it's very hard to actually get a conviction.

So yesterday we had 3 prostitutes come into our centre asking for condoms, so I got them a bag. They then asked for a bible each which I know is weird, but I gave them all a bible and a bag of condoms. These girls would appear to be able to separate their faith from their profession and I don't know how!

One afternoon we had three in the centre all wanting prayer so we knelt with them in the prayer room and it struck me as ironic that they would kneel to talk to God in the afternoon and then kneel to perform a sex act in the evening.

What I am convinced of is that God loves these women, he sees these women and he knows their stories. He's there when they kneel to pray and he is their when they kneel to give oral sex. I would imagine the latter breaks his heart but he won't turn away or hide his face from them even in that dark moment.

Mercy triumphs over judgement


Anonymous said...

i luv ur last paragraph.
"He won't turn away or hide His face".
i like that. beautiful phrase.

He sets the bar high on love. I love watching Him love.

I've asked God if He'd be interested in using that bar for Limbo... I'd at least have a better chance... c'mon God.. lower the bar..haha But nope... He seems to quite enjoy daring me to love at a level way past my reach!

helens said...

Your blog made me weep today.

Rachel said...

what an amazing post Brian. Especially that last bit.