Thursday, March 17, 2011

Adventure! What next?

Ok, so say you embrace the adventure, whatever it may be, you decide to step out, to grab hold of a blank piece of paper and paint a new unique masterpiece with your life!

1. In the book of Nehemiah in the bible, Nehemiah gets permission from the babylonian king to go back and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem there is a lovely little line "and so I set a time" you will have to get practical and set a time, or you will forever live on "One day i'll"

2. "God responds to movement" In the book of Joshua in the Bible the israelites are about to cross the Jordan and enter into the promised land. The priests went before them carrying the Ark of the covenant and they had to step into the Jordan (which was in flood) before the waters parted. Once they moved and stepped in God made a way.

Actually that would do for now, read Joshua and Nehemiah they will help you.


Tanya Heasley said...
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Diane said...

Thanks Brian. I have been setting a side "a time" and I'm ready.
Prayers for family unity and clarity would be awesome